Get your Modelling Portfolio in Hyderabad at cheap and best price. starting from Rs. 2,000/- to Rs. 9,999/- with makeup and costumes free. No hidden cost. We also promote you for Acting and modeling.

We are one of the best professional modeling Portfolio photography service providers in Hyderabad. We provide portfolio at the most competitive cost with expert quality. We have a skilled photographers and both men's and women's costumes are available for free for portfolio purpose. Our models receive style and posing assistance.

Getting your portfolio clicked in a friendly environment enhance the quality of your look and you appear more confident in your pictures.

What is Portfolio?
A portfolio is a collection of images that have been professionally shot in a studio using a high-end camera and studio lighting. Photographs of portfolios are taken wearing various outfits that reflect current trends and styles.

Photoshoot Portfolio Services
We are well experienced in clicking indoor and outdoor portfolios for male, females, kids, and artists. Many of our clicked models are today's known actors.

We also have a package for Male and Female models portfolio at price of Rs. 9,999/- and Rs. 21,999/- with professional industry makeup man and hair dressers. This is more advance and planned portfolio for models.

Looking for Photographers in Hyderabad for Portfolio? 
We do modelling portfolio for Models - Boys, Girls, Kids willing to start their career in Modelling or Acting needs portfolio, headshots. Models need a professional portfolio photography studio to click & make professional portfolio. A studio where they can get their professional get potraited themselves with different looks and styles poses. We are well known portfolio photography studio based in Hyderabad, Telangana, India

What is Modeling Portfolio?
A portfolio is a digitally clicked photograph of a model or actor with makeup, hairstyle, and the desired costume clicked by High end DSLR camera, lights, and all the modern equipment in a specially designed photography studio. A portfolio gives an idea to casting directors, directors, producers, advertisers of how you will look on screen when shot from a film camera. Portfolio is important for deciding your big screen presence.

Who needs a portfolio?
Anyone who is looking to start his/her career in Modeling, Acting. Male of all ages, Females, Kids needs a portfolio to start their career in modeling, acting. Even character artist or side artist in film, television, web series need a portfolio.

What is Portfolio look?
A portfolio is to show how you look from the lens of the camera, how professional makeup changes your looks, What kind of costumes suits you, how you look from the front, from a profile, from closeup, your midshot, do you look good in traditional dress, does western outfit suits you. Your portfolio gives a better idea to cast you for the film as an actor and advt film as a model.

It is better to get it done by an experienced photographer who brings out the best from you. Here at Rexo Entertainment we make portfolios at a reasonable price.

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You are always welcome to our Studio for the best quality portfolio photoshoot to start your career in modelling / acting industry. Get in touch with us by filling the Contact form.

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